Our services

At Argo Navi Export we strive to meet the challenge of any individual requirements our clients may set before us – no matter what their expansion plans are. Our main services have been presented in three basic profiles.

Basic Service:

Within this service we analyze your off er and answer the main question: whether your products or those similar to them will be accepted and sell well in Poland. We also provide answers regarding how they should be distributed and in what price range – coupled with information regarding your competitors.

Within this service, we provide our clients with the following:

  • Polish Market Analysis adapted to the needs of the clients product/service profi le.
  • A report on the possible distribution channels.
  • A list and bri ef characteristic of the major competitors on the Polish market.
  • An analysis and comparison of competitor prices.

Advanced Service:

Within this service we apply all the available resources at our disposal in order to create and deliver a broad list of potential clients of your products or services from all over Poland. Additionally, through a period of one month, Argo Navi Export will function as an sales department of your company in Poland. Our task during that month will consist of seeking and conducting direct contact with Polish clients and setting up business meetings. The main focus of all our operations will be to successfully lead to the fi rst sales of our clients’ products in Poland.

Within this service, we provide our clients with the following:

  • Applying our experience and resources in order to seek out and contact potential business partners for your company.
  • A verifi cation of suggested business partners coupled with specifi cations of potential clients, clearly stating whether they are: distributors, wholesalers, importers or other. Furthermore we provide all the necessary in-
    formation regarding the companies, including: contact persons, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and their websites.
  • Aid preparing the client’s off er for the Polish market in Polish. Performing translations of necessary documents, fl yers, brochures, catalogues and the like.
  • Forwarding the client’s off er to all identifi edpotential business partners.
  • Organizing business meetings with potential Polish clients.
  • Product sample presentations, fulfi lling the role of a business representative.

Full Export Assistance:

This is by far the most complex service we offer. Full Export Assistance consists of all the services available in the Basic and Advanced service categories, further expanded by a broad suite of additional services tailored specifi cally to each individual client. Argo Navi provides takes on an active role in leading all export-related tasks in the client’s name. With this option, depending on the needs expressed by the client, Argo Navi Export can become a business representative for its clients, striving to acquire and keep business contacts between the client and Polish businesses, manage and maintain the fl ow of the client’s products as well as organizing each stage of the export endeavors – legal, fi nancial, logistic or otherwise.