Export Advisory

Preparing strategies, introducing companies and their products into new markets, acquiring clients.

Business practice shows, that small and medium companies are the ones that internationalize their activity the most and they do so with the aid of various connections and personal contacts around the world. Our company’s advisory service is there to provide these necessary prerequisites.

Our goal is to provide the necessary aid for companies struggling with the limits and obstacles coming from limited foreign market knowledge, cultural differences, lack of proficiency in foreign languages or finding appropriate potential clients to direct the company’s offer to.

Our aim is to cooperate with companies that already engage in export, as well as those taking their first steps on foreign markets. Our offer is directed to companies of all sizes and business profiles.

Finding clients, introducing products into new markets, organizing fairs and meetings, overseeing transport and logistics, preparing grants – these are the areas of our expertise and responsibility working with Your company. 

If you are an entrepreneur and you have questions regarding the export potential of your products and services, start with a free consultation with Argo Navi Export.